GS Advisors is looking for talented dedicated individuals to join their team!

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YOU are more than a number at GS Advisors + CPAs

Are numbers important to our industry? Yes, of course they are. But people are equally valued—and this is certainly true at GS Advisors + CPAs.

Working at a smaller firm has numerous perks, such as challenging work, incredible clients, and access to partners. And some fun, too! We embrace our size because at GS Advisors, we believe:

EVERY employee contributes to the team, by name.
EVERY employee supports our client work, right from the start.
EVERY employee has access to the partners.
EVERY employee is seen.

When hiring, we are looking for more than a body to fill a position. We expect initiative. We require a work ethic. And in return, we will support you in all the ways that matter. Competitive benefits. Flexible schedule. Client-facing opportunities.

In an industry swimming in numbers, GO WHERE YOU COUNT.

We can't wait to get started...

At GS Advisors + CPAs I’ve experienced substantial personal and professional growth. I greatly appreciate my team and the essential role each member plays. I am excited to continue this journey and embrace the opportunities the future presents.


My overall experience at GS Advisors + CPAs has been fantastic. One of the standout aspects of our team is the genuine openness and willingness to support one another. Also, the company's commitment to staying at the forefront of technology has enriched our work and made processes more efficient.